Line Change Women's '92 Classic White Tee

Line Change

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30 years of inspiration.  Senators x Line Change '92 Collection.

You know your favourite go-to tee you'd wear everyday if that wasn't socially frowned upon?  Both subtle and bold, this tee showcases your fandom by celebrating the year your favorite team was born. Introducing your new favourite tee. It's classic, simple, and shows support for your favourite hockey team. Go ahead and wear it every day if you want to. We won't judge.

95% polyester, 5% spandex

Your purchases of Line Change are more than just transactions; they’re community contributions; they’re a signal of solidarity with those who love the game and they’re a promise of hockey memories to come.

When you purchase items from Line Change for the Ottawa Senators, a portion of the proceeds will be going directly to the Senators Community Foundation.


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