Line Change

30 years of inspiration.  Senators x Line Change '92 Collection.

Line Change is a clothing line designed purposefully for those who want to show support for their favorite teams in style. It is a brand that holds the community as it’s heartbeat by having a portion of the proceeds from this collaboration go to the Senators Community Foundation. Line Change by Angela Price & Julie Petry not only redefines fan wear across the board, but also cultivates change within the hockey communities across the League.

This year's Line Change collection is inspired by varsity fashion and comfort. Oversized, relaxed, and pre-washed fits make up a majority of our pieces as a homage to those iconic tees, sweaters, and hats you still have in your closet 10+ years later that you can’t bring yourself to get rid of.

Your purchases of Line Change are more than just transactions; they’re community contributions; they’re a signal of solidarity with those who love the game and they’re a promise of hockey memories to come.

When you purchase items from Line Change for the Ottawa Senators, a portion of the proceeds will be going directly to the Senators Community Foundation.